Capital Steering Group

Subcommittee of the Planning and Resource Allocation Committee


  Name Conditions of appointment Until
[1] Dr David Prout The Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Planning and Resources) who shall chair the Group ex officio
[2] Mr Giles Kerr The Director of Finance ex officio
[3] Mr Paul Goffin The Director of Estates ex officio
[4] Mr Stephen Purbrick The Head of Financial Planning and Analysis ex officio
[5] Dr Michael Glover The Director of the Planning and Resource Allocation Section ex officio
[6] Dr Richard Jones The Head of Capital Projects ex officio
[7] Ms Sarah Davies A Project Accountant from the Finance Division specialising in capital projects ex officio
[8] Senior Proctor   ex officio

Secretary: Mr Benjamin Neudorfer (PRAS)

Attending Officers

  • Ms Carolyn Puddicombe
  • Mr Chris Carrington
  • Ms Jennifer Makkreel

Meeting Dates

Michaelmas Term 2018


Deadline for papers

Tuesday 23 October

Friday 12 October

Tuesday 27 November

Friday 16 November

Hilary Term 2019


Deadline for papers

Tuesday 8 January

Friday 4 January

Tuesday 29 January

Friday 18 January

Tuesday 5 March

Friday 22 February

Trinity Term 2019


Deadline for papers

Tuesday 16 April

Friday 5 April

Tuesday 14 May

Friday 3 May

Tuesday 18 June

Friday 7 June

Tuesday 16 July

Friday 5 July

Tuesday 24 September

Friday 13 September

Purpose of the Capital Steering Group

Working methods

  • Papers are issued a week in advance of the meeting. The relevant divisional head or service area head may be invited to present the business case to CSG;
  • Project sponsors are asked to inform PRAS of cases which are being developed, to ensure papers are issued in advance of the meeting.

The template for project business cases can be accessed here: CSG Capital Project Business Case  (41kb), while Annex A is available at the following link: CSG Annex A Capital Project Business Case Financial Sustainability 16-17  (25kb). The excel summary costs template is available here: CSG Capital Projects Business Case - Summary Costs  (12kb) You are encouraged to contact the CSG Secretary at the earliest opportunity for assistance with completing this template. Please be aware that if any of the information requirements are not met, CSG may send the business case back for further work thereby delaying the commencement of the project.

Contact us

Planning and Council Secretariat

Dr Benjamin Neudorfer

+44 01865 (2)70187

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