Committee to Review Donations and Research Funding membership

  Name Conditions of appointment Until
[1] The Very Revd Professor Martyn Percy, Dean of Christ Church (Chair) A chair appointed by Council from among members of Council who are (a) external members; or (b) a Head of House (other than the Chairman of the Conference of Colleges) MT 2021
[2] Sir Martin Smith One of up to two external persons appointed by Council who shall bring relevant expertise of business and, preferably, of corporate social responsibility issues to the working of the committee MT 2022
[3] Mr Charles Manby As above MT 2022
[4] Dame Hilary Boulding, President of Trinity Chair of the Conference of Colleges or, subject to the approval of Council, his or her nominee MT 2022
[5] Professor Anne C L Davies, Brasenose One of five members of Congregation appointed by Council who shall represent the divisions and bring relevant expertise to the working of the committee (for example, in holding significant external funding and partnerships, or in ethics, public affairs, or the law) MT 2022
[6] Professor Neil Macfarlane, St Anne’s As above MT 2020
[7] Vacancy (vice Professor Charlotte Deane, St Anne’s) As above MT 2022
[8] [new position] As above MT 2022
[9] [new position] As above MT 2022
[10]   The committee may co-opt up to two further members, who may be internal or external, for such periods as the committee sees fit to ensure an appropriate range of expertise  
[11]   As above  
Secretary: Council Secretariat (Ms Sophie Hockley)
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