General Purposes Committee Membership

  Name Conditions of appointment Until
[1] Professor Louise Richardson The Vice-Chancellor ex officio
[2] Professor Martin C J Maiden, Hertford The Senior Proctor ex officio
[3] Professor Sophie Marnette, Balliol The Junior Proctor ex officio
[4] The Reverend Professor William Whyte, St John’s The Assessor ex officio
[5] Sir Rick Trainor, Rector of Exeter The Chair of the Conference of Colleges ex officio
[6] Professor Karen O’Brien, University The Head of the Division of Humanities ex officio
[7] Professor Sam Howison, Christ Church (Acting Head) The Head of the Division of Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences ex officio
 [8] Professor Gavin Screaton The Head of the Division of Medical Sciences ex officio
[9] Professor Sarah Whatmore, Keeble The Head of the Division of Social Sciences ex officio
[10] Professor Aditi Lahiri, Somerville One of three persons appointed by Council from among the members of Council specified in section 4 (15)-(25) of Statute VI [i.e. those members elected by Congregation] MT 2022
[11] Mr Richard Ovenden, Balliol As above MT 2020
[12] Professor Fabian Essler, Worcester As above MT 2021
[13] Anisha Faruk The President of the Oxford University Student Union ex officio
Secretary: Council Secretariat (Ms Sarah Cowburn)
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