Investment in tobacco companies

Investment Committee (IC) recommended that a restriction was formalised on direct holdings in tobacco companies[1], in line with the practices of the Committee to Review Donations and Research Services that the University should not accept funds from such companies. Council received this recommendation, together with a response submitted by the SRIRC endorsing the recommendation, at its meeting on 20 June 2016

Council approved the IC’s recommendation.

[1] - As defined by Cancer Research UK. Tobacco companies are defined as a company, entity or organisation (or groups or combinations of the same) whose business other than for an insignificant part (i.e. less than 10% of its revenue), is the development, promotion, marketing or sale of tobacco in any country in the world, or is a subsidiary or a holding company of the same.  E-cigarette companies, fully or partially owned by the tobacco industry, are also considered tobacco companies under this definition.