Motz Prize in Electrical Engineering

1. The University accepts with gratitude the bequest of Professor Hans Motz, sometime Professor of Electrical Engineering, of the sum of £3,000.

2. The bequest shall be invested to form a fund, the net income of which shall be used for the maintenance of a prize to be called the Motz Prize in Electrical Engineering. The Board of the Faculty of Physical Sciences shall be the board of management for the fund.

3. Provided that suitable candidates present themselves, the prize shall be awarded, on the nomination of the examiners, for the best fourth-year project in Electrical Engineering in the Final Honour School of Engineering Science and the associated joint schools. The value of the prize shall be as determined from time to time by the board of management, and the prize shall preferably be spent on works of reference in the fields of Classical Electromagnetism, Classical Mechanics, or Plasma Physics.

4. Income not expended on the prize in any year shall, at the discretion of the board of management, either be used to award an additional prize or prizes subject to the provisions of clause 3 above, or be carried forward for expenditure in subsequent years.

5. Council shall have power to amend this decree from time to time, provided that the main object of the fund, as stated in clause 2 above, is always kept in view.

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