Part 16: Continuing Education Board

Amended on 23 March 2006, 7 June 2007 and 29 May 2008 (date of effect 1 October 2008), 25 June 2010, 26 April 2012 (date of effect 1 October 2012 and 1 March 2019 (Gazette, Vol.149, p.294, 14 February 2019).

Renumbered on 28 July 2011

16.1. The Continuing Education Board shall consist of:

(1), (2) one or two members appointed by Council from among its own members (as determined from time to time by Council, bearing in mind the desirability of there being strong representation of the board on Council and its committees, particularly the Education and Planning and Resource Allocation Committees), of whom one shall be designated chairman of the board by the Vice-Chancellor after consultation with the Director of the Department for Continuing Education;

(3)-(6) four persons of whom one shall be appointed by each divisional board;

(7)-(9) the Director and Deputy Directors of the Department for Continuing Education;

(10)-(12) three other members of the Department for Continuing Education elected by and from among the members of the department;

(13) one person appointed by the Conference of Colleges. They shall have appropriate experience and understanding of academic policy and finance and be familiar with continuing education, but should not hold a salaried teaching or research post within the Department for Continuing Education.

16.2. The board may co-opt up to four additional members, who shall not be members of the Department for Continuing Education.

16.3. Student members shall have the right to be represented at meetings of the Continuing Education Board in accordance with Part 1 of these regulations and under the arrangements set out below:

(1) The student body shall be represented at the board by one student member working for an award under the aegis of the board.

(2) The representative shall be nominated as agreed between the student body and the board from amongst the student representatives on the academic committees of the Department for Continuing Education.

(3) More than one representative may be nominated under the provisions of (2) above, in which case the representatives shall decide between them which one shall attend any given meeting of the board.

(4) The representative(s) shall serve for one year, and shall be eligible for re-nomination if they remain working for an award under the aegis of the board.

16.4. In discharging its responsibilities under section 15 of Statute VII the board shall, subject to plans, policies, and guidelines set by Council and its committees, have the following functions and powers, together with such other functions and powers as may be assigned to it by Council:

(1) The board shall consider and advise Council on the funding requirements of continuing education across the University, with particular reference to the preparation of bids under any public funding system.

(2) The board shall have the powers of a divisional board in respect of continuing education courses and examinations conducted within the University except where otherwise specifically provided, and for the admission and examination of students for such advanced degrees as may be established under its aegis from time to time.

(3) The board shall make an annual report to Council on the activities of the board and of the Department for Continuing Education in the preceding academic year, measured against the board's agreed operating statement.

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