Part 20: Health and Safety Management Subcommittee of the General Purposes Committee

Amended on 23 March 2006, 15 February 2007, 28 June 2007, 15 January 2009, 24 February 2011, 30 June 2011, 7 June 2013, 7 August 2015 (Gazette, Vol. 145, p. 694-696, 23 July 2015) and 1 August 2016 (Gazette, Vol. 146, p. 692, 7 July 2016)

Renumbered on 28 July 2011

20.1. The Health and Safety Management Subcommittee of the General Purposes Committee shall consist of:

(1) a member of Congregation appointed by the Vice-Chancellor as chair of the committee;

(2) one of the Proctors and the Assessor as may be agreed between them;

(3) the Pro-Vice-Chancellor with responsibility for Gardens, Libraries and Museums;

(4) the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research);

(5)-(8) the head of each division or his or her nominee;

(9), (10) two persons appointed by Council, taking into account the overall balance of the committee’s membership;

(11) the Chair of the Security Subcommittee.

20.2. The subcommittee may co-opt up to four additional members, who shall hold office for such period as the committee may determine.

20.3. The subcommittee shall be responsible for the following matters:

(1) the determination of the management strategy and policies necessary for the University to discharge its legal obligations in respect of occupational health and safety;

(2) the recommendation of appropriate action necessary to implement the University's Safety Policy, as designed to promote the safety of staff, students, authorised visitors, and members of the public lawfully on university property;

(3) the taking of action on all management matters of safety and occupational health and other areas of the committee's remit, including the control of such funds as may be allocated to it.

20.4. (1) The subcommittee shall have the authority to take whatever action it deems necessary in relation to matters of health and safety where the committee considers practices to pose imminent potential danger or there to be a significant risk of enforcement action from appropriate authorities.

(2) The subcommittee may delegate the authority in paragraph (1) above, together with the associated decision-making, to its chair and/or to the Director of the Safety Office as it considers appropriate.

20.5. The subcommittee shall establish, implement and keep under review a procedure by which it will consider appeals from the relevant Head of Department against the exercise of the delegated authority under regulation 20.4(2) above.

20.6. The subcommittee's remit shall include all matters covered by legislation on health and safety, fire safety, food safety, and the transport of dangerous goods, and by environmental protection legislation relating to the disposal of all hazardous wastes, radioactive substances, and genetic modification.

20.7. The subcommittee may set up such subcommittees and specialist advisory groups as it considers desirable, and shall determine their membership and terms of reference.

20.8. The subcommittee shall meet at least once a term.

20.9. The subcommittee shall report as follows:

(1) following each meeting, the subcommittee shall report to General Purposes Committee on the principal matters which it has discussed;

(2) the subcommittee shall make an annual report to Council, which shall be considered in the first instance by General Purposes Committee prior to being forwarded to Council; and

(3) the subcommittee shall have the right to report directly to Council at any time on any matter which it regards as necessary to bring to the attention of Council.

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