Part 35: Planning and Housing Strategy Group

Made by Council on 27 December 2019 (Gazette, Vol. 150, p. 163, 12 December 2019)

Amended by Council on 15 July 2022 (Gazette, Vol.152, p. 457, 30 June 2022)

Renumbered by the General Purposes Committee of Council on 5 May 2023 (Gazette, Vol. 153, p. 293, 20 April 2023)

35.1. The Planning and Housing Strategy Group shall consist of:

(1) the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Planning and Resources) who shall chair the Group;

(2) the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education);

(3) the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research) or their nominee;

(4) the Chief Financial Officer (or their nominee);

(5) one of the Proctors or the Assessor as may be agreed between them;

(6),(7) two persons appointed by Council from amongst its members;

(8) an Estates Bursar nominated by the Estates Bursars Committee;

(9),(10) two external persons appointed by Finance Committee;

(11) one student member representative, selected by the sabbatical officers of the Oxford Student Union from among their own number;

(12) one early career research representative nominated by the Oxford Research Staff Society.

35.2. As a working group of Finance Committee, the Planning and Housing Strategy Group shall advise Finance Committee and Council on all aspects of University staff and student housing development, including: 

(1) the promotion of land through the planning system for staff or student housing developments and for research and innovation development;

(2) agreeing policy with regard to the standards for staff or student housing;

(3) agreeing policy with regard to the management and allocation of staff or student housing;

(4) making recommendations to Finance Committee with regard to: 

(i) identifying staff or student housing projects and innovation space proposals that should be submitted to Oxford University Property Development (OUPD) for consideration;

(ii) development proposals for staff or student housing and innovation space put forward by Oxford University Property Development (OUPD);

(5) establishing and overseeing programme boards with responsibility for the development of specific sites for housing and innovation use; and

(6) excluding matters dealt with by the Property Management Subcommittee, specifically the setting of student rents.

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