Socially Responsible Investment Review Committee

The Socially Responsible Investment Review Committee (SRIRC) was established by Council in 2008. Its functions are:

  • to consider representations concerning and proposals related to the implementation of the Policy, and
  • to assess both the processes and practices through which the Policy is implemented and the Policy statement itself. 

Having considered such representations and carried out such assessments, SRIRC may make recommendations to Council.

Its formal remit is set out in Part 29 of Council Regulations 15 of 2002.

The University's Policy

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A representation may be made to the SRIRC by:

  1. Council or any committee reporting directly to Council;
  2. 20 or more members of Congregation;
  3. a majority resolution of the Council of the Oxford University Student Union.

Should you wish to discuss the mechanisms for making such a representation, please contact the SRIRC Secretary

The SRIRC ordinarily meets once each term, on the Thursday of Week 7. In addition, it receives an annual presentation from the Chief Investment Officer of Oxford University Endowment Management on the way in which the University's investments have been administered, and in particular the processes that are in place for the implementation of the University’s Socially Responsible Investment Policy.

The Chairman has discretion to cancel a meeting for lack of business.

The SRIRC conducts its business in accordance with its Standing Orders 

Contact the Committee

By post to:

SRIRC secretary
Council Secretariat
University Offices
Wellington Square

or by email to: SRIRC secretary