SRI Policy and Investment Restriction Statements

Notice: Content under review

With effect from 26 April 2021, the Socially Responsible Investment Review Committee (SRIRC) was replaced with the Ethical Investment Representations Review Subcommittee (see Gazette notice on 10 December 2020). As a result, the content on this page is to be reviewed and updated.


University Policy on Socially Responsible Investment

Approved by Council on 2 December 2013


The University of Oxford is committed to ensuring that it makes investment decisions responsibly and with integrity. The University's Policy is to ensure that its investment decisions (including those taken on its behalf) take into account social, environmental and political issues in order to maintain its ethical standards.

Council has established a Socially Responsible Investment Review Committee ('SRIRC') to provide it with advice on this policy and its delivery. The SRIRC reports directly into Council but also has a mandate to discuss its recommendations with those bodies that have a duty of oversight for the University's investments, in particular the Investment Committee, in so far as those recommendations concern the funds for which each body has responsibility.


The University will ensure that Procedures in support of this Policy fulfil the following aims:

  1. to review regularly this Policy, and practices relating to it, to ensure that social, environmental and political issues are adequately reflected;
  2. to provide a forum for considering representations to change this Policy and/or practices relating to it on ethical grounds;
  3. to engage in responsible stewardship with its investment managers and to provide a forum for the review and monitoring of investments in the context of this Policy;
  4. To engage directly and indirectly with managers (and where possible directly with investments) to make representations concerning social, environmental and political concerns as appropriate.

Delivery of these Procedures is the joint responsibility of the SRIRC (points (a) and (b) above) and those bodies with a duty of oversight for the University's investments, in particular, the Investment Committee (points (c) and (d) above).