The establishment of committees and posts, the method of appointment, and eligibility rules for nomination and election to elected posts, are set out in the University Legislation.

Standing for election

Information about standing for election to the University’s committees and bodies

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An online session was held on Tuesday, 25 April to provide an opportunity for those interested in standing for election or becoming involved in University governance to ask questions about the process and find out what it is like to serve on University committees. The slides are available at Info Session 25.04.23 FINAL.pdf

Why stand for election

Around 150 members of staff are elected to sit on the University’s main committees, divisional and faculty boards - helping them play a vital role in the governance of the University.

Standing for election gives you an opportunity to directly contribute to Oxford’s democratic structures. it will also give you a chance to:

  • Learn more about how the University operates and how its governance structure works
  • Be involved in University decisions and be able to help shape University policy.
  • Increase your knowledge of the University
  • Enhance skills such as your ability to lead and influence and to see issues from different angles

Increasing diversity in our committees and bodies

It is important that the University’s decision-making committees and bodies take a broad range of perspectives into account so that they represent the diverse views of the University community.

We therefore encourage members of Congregation from all backgrounds to stand for election.

By serving on these committees and bodies, you can make sure that your voice is heard, leading to better decision-making and improving the confidence and engagement of your colleagues in decisions.

There is widespread evidence and growing recognition that diversity in governance and decision-making bodies leads to better outcomes.

Anne Trefethen, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for People and Digital, said:

“Democratic decision-making is part of the collegiate University’s distinctive governance structure, and our committees are vital in helping to ensure good governance. We encourage all members of Congregation to consider and apply for committee positions. Participation supports personal growth and career and skills development, as well as offering new experiences across different areas of work. We are particularly keen to ensure that committees are representative of the diversity of the staff body. Please do think about applying"

How to stand for election

Elected positions on University committees and other bodies are advertised in the Gazette and on the Elections website.

Elections are held as and when required throughout the year, with most held in Trinity Term (for members to take up positions at the beginning of Michaelmas term).

If you are not eligible for any of the currently advertised positions, do please think about ways you can get involved in the University’s governance at a divisional and departmental level.

Let your head of division or head of department know that you are interested in becoming involved, especially if you have an interest in the remit covered by a particular committee. Alternatively, look at the list of University committees and contact committee secretaries directly to ask about current and forthcoming opportunities.

Go to our FAQs for further information about how to stand for election, and how to vote.

Contact the Elections Officer

For further information, please email the Elections Office.

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