In Table A of the Financial Regulations (reproduced below) specified officers have the authority to enter into contracts. These officers may each delegate their authority to enter the specified contracts subject to compliance with section 12 of Statute XVI and, in the case of delegation within the University, to compliance with regulations 1.5 (2) and 3.2 of the Financial Regulations.

Vice-Chancellor All types of contract
Registrar All types of contract
Chief Financial Officer Contracts dealing with sales, purchases, investments, borrowings, commercial activities, research contracts, and the formation and operation of subsidiary, associated, and spin out companies
Executive Director of Research Services     
Research and research-related contracts
Director of Estates Contracts for the design, demolition, construction, alteration, repair, and maintenance of buildings and for the sale, purchase, leasing, licensing, and charging of real property
Director of Legal Services jointly with the relevant head of unit Instruction of external lawyers.


If you wish to create or revoke a delegation for any of these officers, you may do so using a web form.

If it suits your internal processes better, please do feel free to use the pre-existing forms:

The forms should be scanned and emailed to  Hard copy forms are no longer required.


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