Current Elections

Standing for election provides an opportunity to directly contribute to Oxford's governance. Members of Congregation from all backgrounds are encouraged to stand. Find out more about elections.


This page has four tabs:

Current Elections are still in process (check below for details of deadlines to nominate or to vote for any elections going on now)

Recent Past Elections have just closed (you can see the election results and other details under this tab)

Future Elections includes advance notice of forthcoming vacancies (including by-elections)

All Elections (this includes searchable content for current, recently closed, and past elections)

Current Elections

Current Elections

Michaelmas Term 2023 Elections

The nomination period for the MT23 elections closed at 4pm on Thursday 26 October 2023. The election to the Medical Sciences Divisional Board was contested (details below).

Details of uncontested elections and lapsed vacancies can be found under the Recent Past Elections tab.

Hilary Term 2024 Elections

Advance notices of vacancies for election in HT 2024 are available under the Future Elections tab.

Recent Past Elections
Future Elections

Future Elections

The following elections are scheduled to take place later this academic year. This will not be an exhausive list and is intended only to give advance notice of vacancies where known. For example, if an elected member stands down before the complation of their term and a by-election is scheduled to fill that vacancy. These advance notices will move to the Current Elections tab as each term's elections are completed. For example, elections scheduled to open in Hilary Term (January) will be advertised as Current at the end of Michaelmas Term (December). The final list of vacancies for each term will be published under the Current tab, and in the Gazette, in Week 0 and Week 1 of each term.

All Elections

All Elections by Congregation

The election records listed below are unordered. To quickly search for a specific type of vacancy, press [ctrl]+f, and type in a key word (e.g. Council, MPLS, Faculty); or use the search filters below.

Contact the Elections Officer

For further information, please email the Elections Office.