The Assurance Directorate

Assurance involves the coordination and gathering of information and evidence for the Audit and Scrutiny Committee and for Council about the adequacy and effectiveness of the University’s policies and processes, and about its compliance with its statutory obligations.  The Audit and Scrutiny Committee and Council rely on this evidence in discharging their legal and regulatory responsibilities. One of the major sources of assurance on which the Audit and Scrutiny Committee and Council rely is internal audit.

The Assurance Directorate, established in September 2019, is part of the University Administration and Services (UAS). Its responsibilities include: internal audit, risk management, compliance, data protection and information security.  The directorate is comprised of three key teams, click on the links below to find out more:

Get in touch

For queries about the Assurance Directorate and Business Continuity Planning please contact the Director of Assurance

For queries about Business Continuity and Major Incident Management, Risk, Compliance and Assurance, including the internal audit function and the Audit and Scrutiny Committee, please contact the Head of Risk & Resilience 

For queries about Information Security, including reporting cyber incidents, please contact the Chief Information Security Officer

For queries about Information Compliance, including reporting personal data breaches, please contact the Data Protection Officer