University organisation structure

About the Organisation Structure

The organisation chart, which describes the academic/management structure of the University, has 3 main purposes:

  1. to provide a common framework to underpin our 4 main data management systems: finance, staff records, student records and the space record system. Ensuring that each system structure maps to this framework (despite necessary differences) makes it possible to compare data from different systems;
  2. to act as a framework for resource allocation within the University; and
  3. to provide the basis for the University’s Provider Profile return to HESA.

Download latest version of the University’s organisation chart for Hilary term 2024 (Excel).

Updates to the Organisation Structure

To seek changes to the Organisation Structure please contact the Planning and Council Secretariat (PACS) in the first instance to discuss what approvals, if any, are necessary for the change to be enacted. To formally request a change please complete a University Organisation Structure Change Request Form (Word) and forward to the appropriate notifying officer (detailed on form), who will forward on to us. Please note changes cannot be made until they have received formal approval from necessary officers or committees.

 All queries should be emailed to

For further information on how the Organisation Structure is used and making changes to it, please see the following guidance: Organisation Structure Guidance (June 2017)  (PDF)

Domain name requests

Requests for a new domain name are first reviewed by IT Services and, where appropriate, are then assessed by PACS for any impact on the University structure. Requests can be made at any time of the year. If you wish to establish a new domain name (email or web) please email

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