Past and future Council meetings

Information on past meetings of Council is available below. The past meetings are divided into two tabs. For meetings from July 2015 to present, agendas, approved non-confidential minutes, non-confidential papers and Vice-Chancellor's reports are available to those logging-in with SSO. For meetings prior to June 2015 the agendas, approved non-confidential minutes, non-confidential papers and Vice-Chancellor's reports are publicly available.

Switch to the 'future meetings' tab to view a full list of future meetings of Council in the current academic year.

Visit Oxford's Major Incident management webpage for resources for University members involved in responding to major incidents. The page includes a link to Oxford's Major Incident Plan.

Information on the University's response during COVID-19

In response to the coronavirus outbreak the University’s crisis management framework (single sign-on required) was triggered in early 2020. A Silver Group and a Bronze Group were formed to focus specifically on the University’s response to the pandemic. Silver Group agrees policy and operates under the ‘general delegation’ by Council to the Vice-Chancellor, Silver Group’s chair, and the delegations made by Council’s main committees to their chairs. Bronze Group is chaired by the Registrar and develops and implement the plans and policies set by Silver. These Groups both meet twice a week and their minutes are published (behind single sign-on) with a delay of two months between the meeting and the publication of the minutes. 

Silver Group minutes (single sign-on required)
Bronze Group minutes (single sign-on required)

Please note: the University's crisis management framework has now been replaced by the Major Incident Plan

Past meetings - July 2015 to present
Past meetings - September 2011 to June 2015

Meeting papers

Each page reached from this tab contains a meeting agenda and list of the papers presented at each meeting.

The Vice-Chancellor's reports on individual meetings, where available, can be found at the top right hand side of each page above the Meeting papers list.

The Vice Chancellor's termly reports, where available, are found on the agenda for the last Council meeting of the relevant term.


Future meetings