Bryce Research Studentship in History

Amended by Decree (1) of 25 October 2001; Council, 5 May 2005

1. The Bryce Research Studentship in History shall be open to members of the University pursuing research in History for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy. Candidates must by the date on which they take up the studentship have been admitted to and not have subsequently lost the status of Student for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy, and not have exceeded the twelfth term since they began their research studies at the University.

2. The studentship shall be administered by a board of management consisting of:

(1) the Vice-Chancellor;

(2) the Camden Professor of Ancient History;

(3) the Wykeham Professor of Ancient History;

(4) the Regius Professor of History;

(5) the Chichele Professor of Medieval History;

(6) the chairman of the committee appointed under the provisions of Tit. XVI, Sect. V, cl. 3;

(7) one person elected by the Board of the Faculty of Classics;

(8), (9) two persons elected by the Board of the Faculty of History.

The elected members of the board of management shall be the same persons as those elected by the aforesaid faculty boards to serve on the board of management of the Amy Mary Preston Read Scholarship; they shall hold office for five years and shall be re-eligible.

3. The student shall receive the net income arising from Viscount Bryce’s endowment subject to the provisions of clause 6 below.

4. The studentship shall be tenable for one year either at Oxford or, with the consent of the board of management, elsewhere.

5. The studentship shall be awarded without examination. Every candidate, with his or her application, shall submit a programme of work in History, either Ancient or Modern, which he or she proposes, if elected, to undertake. He or she shall also

(a) state any other emoluments which he or she may already hold and whether he or she is a candidate or prospective candidate for such other emoluments;

(b) undertake, if elected to the studentship, to inform the board if, during its tenure, he or she is awarded any other emoluments.

The election of the student shall be made by the board of management after consideration of the past records of the candidates and of the programmes submitted by them, but without having regard to the candidates’ financial needs.

6. Every student shall, while he or she continues to hold the studentship, produce from time to time evidence, satisfactory to the board of management, that he or she is carrying out his or her programme of work. The board shall have power to deprive a student who does not comply with this condition of the whole or any part of the emoluments of his or her studentship. The board shall also have power to modify, at its discretion, the value of the studentship either at the time of an election or at any time during the period of tenure.

7. Income undisposed of from any cause may at the discretion of the board of management be used in any year for the purpose of awarding an additional studentship, or of continuing an existing studentship, or for the payment of expenses, including those of travel or publication, incidental to the pursuit of a definite piece of historical investigation, or otherwise for the encouragement of approved pieces of historical study and research.

8. The election to the studentship shall take place either in Trinity Term or in Michaelmas Term, as the board of management shall determine. No person shall be awarded the studentship a second time.

9. The board of management shall have power to alter this decree from time to time with the consent of Council, and of Lady Bryce during her lifetime, provided that the main object of Lord Bryce in founding the studentship be always kept in view.

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