Council Regulations 16 of 2002

Made by Council on 26 June 2002

Amended on 14 October 2004, 24 February 2005, 5 May 2005, 13 October 2005, 4 May 2006, 7 June 2007, 18 October 2007 and with effect from 1 August 2008 (GazetteVol. 138, p. 1237, 12 June 2008), 15 January 2009, 9 December 2010, 19 January 2012, 19 July 2012 (date of effect 1 October 2012), 15 October 2013 (Gazette, Vol. 144, p. 82, 17 October 2013), 11 July 2014 (Gazette, Vol. 144, p. 582, 26 June 2014), 5 August 2016 (Gazette, Vol. 146, p. 709, 21 July 2016) and 1 August 2022 (Gazette, Vol.151, p. 432, 27 May 2021 and Gazette, Vol.152, p. 382, 19 May 2022)

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1. The Humanities Division shall comprise the following faculties, departments, and subjects:

(1) Classics;

(2) Art (Ruskin School of Art);

(3) English Language and Literature;

(4) Medieval and Modern Languages;

(5) History;

(6) Linguistics, Philology, and Phonetics;

(7) Music;

(8) Asian and Middle Eastern Studies;

(9) Philosophy;

(10) Theology and Religion.

2. The Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Division shall comprise the following faculties and departments:

(1) Biology;

(2) Chemistry;

(3) Computer Science;

(4) Earth Sciences;

(5) Engineering Science;

(6) Materials;

(7) Mathematics;

(8) Physics;

(9) Statistics;

3. The Medical Sciences Division shall comprise the following faculties and sub-faculty:

(1) Biochemistry;

(2) Clinical Medicine;

(3) Physiological Sciences;

(4) Psychological Studies.

4. The Social Sciences Division shall comprise the following faculties, sub-faculties, departments, and subjects:

(1) Anthropology;

(2) Archaeology;1

(3) Area Studies;

(4) Development Studies;

(5) Economics;

(6) Education;

(7) Internet Institute;

(8) Law;

(9) Management;

(10) School of Geography and the Environment;

(11) Politics and International Relations;

(12) Social Policy and Intervention;

(13) Sociology;

(14) Blavatnik School of Government.

1 Holders of posts in Archaeology who are on the establishment of faculties or sub-faculties under the auspices of the Humanities Division remain on those establishments.

5. The head of each division shall be appointed by Council on the recommendation of a selection committee consisting of:

(1) the Vice-Chancellor;

(2)-(4) three individuals appointed by Council;

(5)-(7) three individuals appointed by the divisional board;

save that Council may appoint an additional individual as a member of a selection committee if such an appointment seems to Council to be desirable.

6. A selection committee shall be appointed on, or in anticipation of, each vacancy in the headship to act on that occasion.

7. (1) A member of a selection committee may resign from that committee in order to offer himself or herself as a candidate for the headship, if he or she does so before the published closing date for the receipt of applications, or if he or she is invited after that date by the other members to do so.

(2) If a member resigns in such circumstances, Council shall nominate an individual to act in his or her place for the remainder of the proceedings to fill the vacancy.

8. The head of each division shall have such functions and powers as are or shall be assigned to him or her by the statutes and regulations, or by Council.

9. (1) Subject to the provisions of the statutes and regulations, the head of each division shall be appointed for a period of up to five years on each occasion.

(2) A person who holds, or has previously held, the headship shall be eligible for consideration for a further such appointment.

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