Francis Napier Fund

Made by the General Purposes Committee of Council on 29 April 2010, amended by the General Purposes Committee 14 July (Gazette, Vol. 153, p. 452, 29 June 2023).

1. The legacy from Mr Francis Napier, which comprises £1.9 million, together with any further donations for this purpose, shall be known as the Francis Napier Fund. The object of the fund is to advance the education of students enrolled on a course of undergraduate study at the University of Oxford who are disabled (with a preference for those who are physically disabled) with a preference for those students who have not attained the age of 18 years through the provision of grants, services or other facilities.

2. The University, as trustee, shall retain all of the Fund as permanent endowment and shall apply the net income of the Fund in accordance with a Scheme of the Charity Commissioners dated 1 December 2009.

3. The administration of the Fund, and the application of its capital and income, shall be the responsibility of the Student Life Subcommittee.

4. The Subcommittee shall make such deductions from income as are required to meet the proper costs of administering the charity and of managing its assets.

5. Any unexpended income may be carried forward for application in future years.

6. Regulation 3 above may be amended by Council.

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