Haverfield Bequest

Amended by Decree (1) of 25 October 2001

1. The income of the Haverfield bequest shall be applied to the promotion of the study of Roman Britain either

(a) by defraying the expenses of excavations, including the adequate remuneration of competent directors; or

(b) by contributing towards the expense of collecting and preparing for publication materials for the history of Roman Britain, including inscriptions, works of art or manufacture, maps, plans, etc.; or

(c) by contribution towards the expense of printing and publishing works incorporating such materials; or

(d) by providing for the delivery, at adequate remuneration, of lectures or courses of lectures in Oxford or elsewhere, with special reference to the work carried on by means of the bequest; or

(e) in any other manner which the standing committee constituted under clause 2 below may from time to time judge likely to promote the objects of the bequest.

2. The administration of the income of the bequest shall be entrusted to a standing committee of seven persons, who shall be

(1) the Professor of the Archaeology of the Roman Empire;

(2), (3) two persons to be nominated by the Sub-faculty of Ancient History of the Faculty of Classics;

(4), (5) two persons to be nominated by the Council of the Society of Antiquaries of London;

(6), (7) two persons to be chosen by co-optation.

3. All the members of the committee shall hold office for five years, and shall be reeligible.

4. All the powers of the administrators of the bequest may be exercised by a majority of those present and voting at a meeting duly summoned, provided that three of the administrators at least be present.

5. Graduate members of the University of Oxford and past and present members of the women’s societies in Oxford shall be equally eligible (but not necessarily to the exclusion of others) for any lecturership or other post, emolument, or remuneration provided from the income of the bequest.

6. This decree shall be subject to alteration from time to time by Council, provided that the object of the bequest as defined in clause 1 above is adhered to.

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