Part 23: Heath Harrison Fund

Amended with effect from 11 February 2009 (Gazette Vol. 139, p. 697, 26 February 2009)

23.1. The benefaction of £25,000 accepted by Decree (3) of Convocation on 17 June 1919 (as subsequently amended) from Sir Heath Harrison, Bart, of Brasenose College, shall continue to be known as the Heath Harrison Fund.

23.2. The income of the fund shall be applied:

(1) as to not more than one-fourth of the net annual income, in providing instruction within the University in French and other modern European languages;

(2) in the institution of senior and junior travelling scholarships;

(3) as to any surplus net income not required under (1) and (2) above, in any other manner which the board of management shall consider to promote the study by student members of the University of modern European languages.

23.3. The senior and junior travelling scholarships shall be held exclusively by persons who are members of the University, while studying French and other modern European languages in foreign countries.

23.4. The junior travelling scholarships shall be open for competition to undergraduate members of the University otherwise qualified as in section 23.3 above.

23.5. The scholarships shall be awarded by a board of management consisting of:

(1) the Vice-Chancellor or a member of Congregation nominated by him or her from year to year;

(2) the Marshal Foch Professor of French Literature;

(3), (4) two members of Congregation elected by the Board of the Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages;

(5) a person elected by the Board of the Faculty of History.

23.6. The elected members of the board shall hold office for three years, and shall be re eligible, but no elected member who has held office for six years consecutively shall be immediately re-eligible.

23.7. The board shall have power:

(1) to fix the amount to be paid in each year for providing instruction in modern European languages and to determine its allocation;

(2) to make regulations as to the award and tenure of the travelling scholarships;

(3) to defray from the income of the fund any expenses incidental to the carrying out of the provisions of this Part, including the remuneration of examiners, if any;

(4) to promote by the award of grants or in any other way at its discretion the study by student members of the University of modern European languages.

23.8. Congregation may from time to time amend this Part so long as the main objects of the fund, as defined in sections 23.2 and 23.3 above, are always kept in view.

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