The Chancellor’s Prizes

1. The Chancellor’s Prizes shall be three in number, one for Latin Prose, one for Latin Verse, and one for an English Essay.

2. The prizes shall be offered for competition annually in Trinity Term, and shall each be of such value, being not less than £250, as Council shall determine from time to time. They shall be open to all members of the University of either sex who, on the day appointed for sending in compositions, have not exceeded four years from the date of their matriculation.

3. No person who has already obtained one of the prizes shall be eligible for that prize again.

4. The examiners for the Latin Prose and Latin Verse prizes shall be the Public Orator, the Corpus Christi Professor of Latin, and one other member of Convocation appointed annually by the Vice-Chancellor and Proctors; the examiners for the English Essay Prize shall be the Professor of Poetry and two other members of Convocation similarly appointed. If in any year any of the offices of Public Orator, Corpus Christi Professor of Latin, or Professor of Poetry is vacant, or if the holder of any of these offices is unable to act, the Vice-Chancellor and Proctors shall appoint another member of Convocation to act as examiner in his or her place. No examiner shall vote on any candidate’s merits except at a meeting of the examiners.

5. The subjects for the prizes in any year shall be determined by the examiners for the preceding year and shall be announced not later than the first day of the Michaelmas Term preceding the term in which the prizes are offered.

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