Appendix B - Glossary of abbreviations used in this report

AUT: Association of University Teachers

CATs: Colleges of Advanced Technology

CIPFA: Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy

COSHEP: Committee of Scottish Higher Education Principals

CUF: Common University Fund

CVCP: Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Principals (renamed Universities UK from 1.12.2000)

DENI: Department of Educational for Northern Ireland

DfEE: Department for Education and Employment

ESRC: Economic and Social Research Council

EU: European Union

HEFCE: Higher Education Funding Council for England

HESA: Higher Education Statistics Agency

JRF: Junior Research Fellow

JUAC: Joint Undergraduate Admissions Committee

MASN: Maximum Aggregate Student Number

MRC: Medical Research Council

OLIS: Oxford Libraries Information Service

OST: Office of Science and Technology

OUP: Oxford University Press

p/g: Postgraduate

PGCE: Postgraduate Certificate in Education

PPH: Permanent Private Hall

RAE: Research Assessment Exercise

RSL: Radcliffe Science Library

SCOP: Standing Conference of Principals

SORP: Statement of Recommended Practice

UCAS: Universities' and Colleges' Admissions Service

UCCA: Universities' Central Council on Admissions

u/g: Undergraduate

UFC: Universities' Funding Council

UGC: University Grants Committee

ULNTF: University lecturer with a non-tutorial fellowship