Capital Steering Group

The Capital Steering Group is a subcommittee of PRAC. It is responsible for developing the rolling Minor Capital Plan and making recommendations to PRAC on Minor Capital Projects. Capital Steering Group oversees the financial management of the design and construction of Minor Capital Projects, reviewing business cases and making recommendations to PRAC on approval of expenditure at gateways 1 & 2. The committee is responsible for making recommendation to PRAC on the leasing and disposal of land and property within the functional estate.

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Membership as at MT 2021 is as follows

  Name Conditions of appointment Until
[1] Dr David Prout The Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Planning and Resources) who shall chair the Group ex officio
[2] Ms Kirsten Gillingham The Director of Finance ex officio
[3] Mr Paul Goffin The Director of Estates ex officio
[4] Mr Stephen Purbrick The Head of Financial Planning and Analysis ex officio
[5] Mr Antony Willott The Head of the Planning and Resource Allocation Section ex officio
[6] Dr Richard Jones The Head of Capital Projects ex officio
[7] Ms Sarah Davies A Project Accountant from the Finance Division specialising in capital projects ex officio
[8] Professor Graham Taylor Co-opt member* HT 2024
*The group may co-opt up to two additional members, who may be external.

Secretary: Planning and Council Secretariat (Ms Sarah Gardner) 

Michaelmas Term 2021


Deadline for papers

Tuesday 28 September Cancelled Friday 17 September

Tuesday 26 October

Friday 15 October

Tuesday 30 November

Friday 19 November

Hilary Term 2022


Deadline for papers

Thursday 6 January

Friday 17 December

Tuesday 1 February

Friday 21 January

Tuesday 8 March

Friday 25 February

Trinity Term 2022


Deadline for papers

Tuesday 12 April

Friday 1 April

Tuesday 10 May

Friday 29 April

Tuesday 14 June

Wednesday 1 June

Useful Documents

Gateway Checklist  

Business Case Deadline  


For the regulations of the Capital Steering Group, please click here:


Contact us

Sarah Gardner

Planning and Council Secretariat

01865 (2)70021