Committee for the Nomination of Select Preachers

The Committee for the Nomination of Select Preachers is responsible for nominating Select Preachers for University Sermons in each Michaelmas Term.

The Committee also nominates the preachers of the Court Sermon, the Sermon on the Sin of Pride, the Macbride Sermon, the Sermon on the Grace of Humility, and the Ramsden Sermon.


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Membership as at HT 2022 will be as follows

  Name Office or Appointing Body Until
[1] The Very Revd Professor Jane Shaw, Principal of Harris Manchester     A person appointed by the Vice-Chancellor, who shall be chair of the committee MT 2024

Senior Proctor (Ms Lucinda Rumsey, Mansfield)

One of the Proctors or the Assessor, as may be agreed between them ex officio
 [3] Professor Carol Harrison, Christ Church A Professor in the Faculty of Theology and Religion, elected by the professors in that faculty MT 2023
 [4] Professor Nigel Biggar 
Christ Church 
As above HT 2024
 [5] Dr Matthew Cheung Salisbury, University College A member of Congregation, elected by Congregation MT 2024

The Revd Canon Professor Mark Chapman, Ripon College, Cuddesdon

As above MT 2024
 [7] The Revd Dr William Lamb The Vicar of St Mary's Church ex officio

Co-opted (the Committee may co-opt up to three additional members, who may be internal or external, who shall hold office for one year and shall be re-eligible)


Dr Anthony Reddie, Regent's Park


The Revd Dr Jennifer Strawbridge, Keble


The Reverend Dr Andrew Bowyer, Magdalen






MT 2022

MT 2022

MT 2022

Secretary: Council Secretariat (Aristea Gkontra)

The Committee usually meets once per academic year in Michaelmas term.

Date Time Venue
20 October 2022 11.00 Harris Manchester


University Sermons - Hilary Term 2022

Thursday, 13 January, 8.00 a.m.: The Reverend Canon Professor Mark D. Chapman,Vice-Principal, Ripon College, Cuddesdon. Holy Communion (Latin). At St Mary's.

Sunday, 16 January, 3.30 p.m.: Professor Teresa Morgan, Nancy Bissell Turpin Fellow and Tutor in Ancient History, Oriel College. Latin Litany and Sermon. At St Mary’s.

Sunday, 23 January, 10.00 a.m.: Professor Anthony G. Reddie, Director of the Oxford Centre for Religion and Culture, Regent’s Park College. Macbride Sermon. At Hertford College.

Sunday, 6 February, 5.30 p.m.: Baroness Hunt of Bethnal Green. University Sermon and  Inter-Collegiate Evensong. At St Mary’s.

Sunday, 20 February, 10.30 a.m.: The Reverend Dr Sharon Prentis, Dean of Ministry, St Mellitus College..  University Sermon. At St Mary’s. 

Sunday, 27 February, 6.15 p.m.: Mr Michael Symmons Roberts, Poet.  University Sermon on the Grace of Humility. At St Hugh’s College.

*Sunday, 6 March, 6.00 p.m.: The Very Reverend Dr Robert Gay, Prior of Blackfriars, Oxford.  Sermon for the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin. At Oriel College.

* On this day Doctors will wear their robes


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Administrative Officer(Governance)

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