Committee for the Proctors' Office membership

Name Conditions of appointment Until
[1] Dr Ed Bispham, Brasenose (Chair) One member of Congregation with appropriate skills and experience appointed by the General Purposes Committee of Council who shall chair the committee  TT 2020
[2] Professor Martin C J Maiden, Hertford The Senior Proctor ex officio
[3] Professor Sophie Marnette, Balliol The Junior Proctor ex officio
[4] The Reverend Professor William Whyte, St John’s The Assessor ex officio
[5] Professor Lesley Smith, Lady Margaret Hall One of two members of college or society governing bodies appointed by the Conference of Colleges  MT 2024
[6] Vacancy (vice Dr Alistair Ross, Kellogg) As above  TT 2020
[7] Vacancy (vice Professor JPat Daley, Jesus) One member appointed by the General Purposes Committee of Council, after consultation with the head of each division  TT 2022
[8] Ms Roisin McCallion (VP Welfare and Equal Opportunities) One student member representative appointed by the Executive of the Oxford University Student Union from among their own number  TT 2020
Secretary: Mrs Alison Sealey (Clerk to the Proctors)
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