Elections to Social Sciences Divisional Board: Constituency I

General Information about this constituency

This constituency is comprised of three persons elected on a rotational basis by and from academic members of the following units of the division:(a) the Department of Economics; (b) the Department of Education;(c) the Faculty of Law;(d) the Department of Politics and International Relations;(e) the School of Geography and the Environment;(f) the Saïd Business School. 

Elections to this constituency restrict candidates to persons, as defined in Statute I. This means that all academic members of the named units are eligible to nominate a candidate or to vote, but prospective candidates who want to stand for election must be an academic member of the named unit and the resident holder of a teaching, research, or administrative post in the University or in any college, society, or Permanent Private Hall.

The full term of office is two years (or less, when a by-election is held to fill the residue of the term of office for an elected member who is standing down early).

The terms of reference and membership of this body are set out in Council Regulations 17 of 2002.

For further information, please contact the Divisional Registrar.



Nominations for elections to this constituency are published weekly in the Gazette and on this website as they are received and processed. The details of any nominations received can be seen by clicking on the candidate's surname in any adjacent tabs.

Contested elections

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In the event of a contested election, candidate statements will be published in the Gazette and on this website. The details of any candidate's statements received can be seen by clicking on the candidate's surname in any adjacent tabs.

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