Investment Committee membership

  Name Conditions of appointment Until
[1] Professor Louise Richardson  The Vice-Chancellor ex officio
[2] Sir Paul Ruddock (Chair) At least five external persons appointed by Council, all of whom shall bring recent and relevant expertise of investment management to the working of the committee, and one of whom shall be appointed by Council to serve as chair of the committee HT 2022
[3] Mr Jason Klein As above HT 2023
[4] Mr Michael McCaffrey  As above MT 2021
[5] Mr Jeremy Bennett  As above TT 2023
[6] Mr Ian Kennedy As above HT 2024
[7] Dr Dambisa Moyo  As above HT 2022
[8] Mr Chris Gradel  As above HT 2022
[9] Vacancy (vice Mr Peter Davies)  As above  
[10] Dr Andre Stern, Oxford Asset Management  As above HT 2023
[11] Mr Andrew Banks, ABRY Partners  As above  TT 2023
[12] Ms Zeina Bain, ICG As above



[11] Vacancy (vice Mr Thomas Seaman, Bursar of All Souls)

One of up to two other members appointed by Council who shall have recent and relevant expertise of investment management

HT 2022

Secretary: Chief Operating Officer, Oxford University Endowment Management Limited (Ms Fay Ashwell)


Officers in attendance:

  • Senior Proctor
  • Junior Proctor
  • Assessor