Baber Studentship Fund

1. The University accepts with gratitude a gift of £200,000 from Dr Flora Baber in memory of her husband, Ernest George Baber, which shall be used, together with any further sums accepted for this purpose, to establish a fund, to be called the Baber Studentship Fund, the net income of which shall be used to provide studentships for the support of mature students who have been accepted by the University to read for the First or Second BM Examination.

2. The fund shall be administered by a board of management consisting of:

(a) Dr Flora Baber, or such person as she shall nominate as her successor, that person and each subsequent successor having power in turn to nominate his or her successor;

(b) Mr V.J.H. Rees or, in the event of his unwillingness or inability to act, one of the other partners of Winkworth & Pemberton, 16 Beaumont Street, Oxford as may be nominated by the partners or, failing that, a nominee of Dr Baber or her current successor;

(c) the Pre-clinical Adviser;

(d) the Director of Clinical Studies.

3. The board shall elect its own chairman and shall determine its own procedure.

4. The studentships shall be awarded by the board of management, which shall determine the value and other terms and conditions of the studentships.

5. In the award of the studentships, preference shall be given (all other things being equal and at the discretion of the board of management) to students resident in the U.K. or in another state of the Commonwealth.

6. Income not spent in any year shall be carried forward for expenditure in subsequent years.

7. The board of management shall attempt to contact former Baber Students (whose whereabouts are known) five years after they have qualified as medical practitioners to ask them to make a contribution towards the Baber Studentship Fund.

8. For the purposes of clause 1 above, a mature student shall be defined as any person over the age of 21 years, with or without a degree, wishing to read for the First or Second BM Examination.

9. Subject to the consent of the person specified in clause 2 (1) above, Council shall have power to amend this decree from time to time, provided that the main object of the fund, as defined in clause 1 above, is always kept in view.

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