Chester Fund

1. The University accepts with gratitude the bequest of £30,000 from Sir Norman Chester as an accretion to, and to be held upon the trusts of, the fund established in 1979 to commemorate on his retirement as Warden of Nuffield College Sir Norman’s services to the college and the University. The combined fund shall be called the Norman Chester Fund, and the income thereof shall be used for the promotion of the study of government and politics and generally to further a science of politics within the University by giving grants on such terms as the board of management thinks fit, preference being given to those engaged in postgraduate work. Part of the income may be used to establish prizes, on such terms and conditions as the board of management thinks fit.

2. The Board of the Faculty of Social Studies shall be the board of management of the fund and shall have power to appoint a committee to act on its behalf in the determination of applications for grants, consisting of not less than three members, one of whom shall always be a member of Nuffield College.

3. Any income not spent in any year under the provisions of clause 2 above shall be carried forward for expenditure in some future year.

4. Council shall have power to alter this decree from time to time, provided always that the purpose of the fund, as stated in clause 1, shall be kept in view.

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