Council Regulations 1 of 2016

Made by Council with effect from 1 October 2016 (Gazette, Vol.146, p. 618-619, 9 June 2016)

Amended with effect from 1 October 2019 (Gazette, Vol.149, p.564, 20 June 2019, p.632, 25 July 2019).

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1.1. In these regulations, unless otherwise stated:

(1) references to sections are to sections of Statute XI;

(2) 'the Panel' means the one member of the Academic Conduct Appeal Panel who are selected to consider a particular matter, in accordance with section 17;

(3) references to breaches or alleged breaches are to breaches or alleged breaches of the Disciplinary Code under section 2 (2) (b);

(4) 'student' means the student member or members of the University alleged to be in breach of the Disciplinary Code or making an appeal against a decision concerning such a breach.

Meetings of the Panel

2.1. The Proctors’ Office shall be responsible for making such arrangements as are necessary for each meeting.

2.2. Meetings shall normally be in private.

2.3. Evidence or material submitted to the Panel shall be regarded as strictly confidential unless the Panel considers that there are good reasons to decide otherwise.

Consideration of appeals against decisions of the Proctors under section 36

3.1. When the Proctors receive a referral from an Examination Board they will investigate the case and decide whether the alleged breach is one that can be determined by the Proctors under their powers in section 35 (2) or is to be referred to the Student Disciplinary Panel. If the decision can be made by the Proctors then the decision shall be communicated to the student. If the student is dissatisfied with the outcome they can appeal a decision of the Proctor under section 36. Appeals shall be made in writing, and should be received by the Proctors Office not later than 10 working days after the date of the Proctors’ written decision.

3.2. The Panel shall consider the written appeal, the Proctor’s decision and the documents which were available to the Proctor. The Panel shall not normally meet with the student although this may be appropriate in some circumstances.


3.3. If a Panel meeting is appropriate the the student may attend if they are available to do so, and may be accompanied to the meeting by another person who should usually be another student or a member of University, college or Oxford University Student Union staff.

3.4. The Panel may require the student to attend the meeting, or be available by remote means, including teleconference or videoconference.

3.5. The Panel will proceed with the meeting if the student is unable to attend and is not required to do so.

3.6. If the student is present at the meeting they shall be given the opportunity to respond to the allegation that they have committed a breach.

3.7. The Panel shall take account of any written statement or further evidence provided by the student, whether or not they attend the meeting.

3.8. If the student is present at the meeting they shall leave the room for the Panel to make its decision, and the decision on any penalty, and shall return to hear the decision.

3.9. The Proctors’ Office shall keep a written record of proceedings.

3.10. The Panel shall normally consider cases within 10 working days receipt of the appeal within the Proctors’ Office.


3.12. The decision of the Panel, including any penalty, shall be announced at the meeting if one takes place, or shall be communicated in writing to the Proctors’ Office.

3.12. The penalties available to the Panel are those listed in section 19. The Panel may not impose any penalty which would result in failure of the entire award. The Panel shall take into account the examination regulations and examination conventions for the examination in question.

3.13. The Proctors’ Office shall send a copy of the written decision to the student.

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