Council Regulations 6 of 2003

Made by Council on 6 November 2003

Amended on 14 July 2005 (date of effect 1 October 2005), 4 May 2006 (date of effect 1 October 2006), 26 July 2007, 29 May 2008 (date of effect 1 October 2008), 1 October 2016 (Gazette, Vol. 146, p. 693-694, 7 July 2016) and 28 November 2017 (Gazette, Vol. 148, p.156, 30 November 2017)

1. References to sections in these regulations are to sections of Statute IX unless stated otherwise, and references to colleges shall include colleges, societies, Permanent Private Halls, and other institutions permitted to present candidates for matriculation.

2. The Proctors shall publish, and update as necessary, guidance and procedures governing the investigation of complaints by members of the University brought to their attention under the provisions of section 22.1

3. These shall include procedures for:

(1) appeals against decisions relating to academic matters taken by academic committees or other bodies ("Appeals"); and

(2) complaints ("Complaints"), except those set out in regulation 6 below.

4. The procedures for Appeals and Complaints brought by student members shall include an informal first stage, a formal second stage and a review stage and shall be concluded by the issue of a Completion of Procedures letter. The review shall be carried out by a reviewer who shall be a member of the academic staff not having had prior involvement in either the case or its investigation.

5. The procedures shall be drawn up in consultation with relevant University bodies and shall be approved by Council before publication.

6. The Proctors shall not undertake investigations under these regulations in relation to the following:

(1) staff grievances for which procedures are provided in the staff handbook for the category of staff concerned, or any staff grievance to which Part F of Statute XII applies;

(2) complaints concerning an individual's relationship with his or her college, which shall be addressed under the relevant college procedures;

(3) complaints, appeals or allegations to which other procedures apply, including the University's codes of practice, policies, Statutes or regulations on:

(i) bribery and fraud,

(ii) public interest disclosure,

(iii) academic integrity in research,

(iv) the Freedom of Information Act 2000,

(v) data protection,

(vi) admissions,

(vii) harassment,

(viii) special arrangements for examinations, and

(ix) dispensation from regulations.

(4) allegations of breaches of sections 2 to 6 of Statute XI which shall be addressed as follows:

(a) in the case of student members, by the Proctors in accordance with regulations made under that statute; or

(b) in the case of other University members, as directed by the Registrar under the provisions of that statute;

(5) complaints relating to Oxford University Student Union.

7. In carrying out their investigations, the Proctors:

(1) shall have the power to summon any member of the University to assist them; and

(2) may call on any person in or outside the University to provide specialist assistance.

8. Where both of the Proctors and all of the Pro-Proctors are conflicted, the Vice-Chancellor shall appoint to act in their place another individual or individuals, who shall have the same powers of investigation and determination as the Proctors.

9. A reference to the Proctors in these regulations includes a single Proctor, a Pro-Proctor acting on behalf of the Proctors, or a substitute appointed by the Vice-Chancellor under paragraph 8 above.

10. When investigating an Appeal about a taught-course examination:

(1) where appropriate, the Proctors shall obtain information and/or comment from the responsible academic body and those responsible for the examination administration.

(2) the Proctors shall usually send notice of the receipt of the Appeal to the chair of the responsible academic body concerned and to the responsible officer of the candidate's college.

11. When investigating an Appeal about a higher degree involving research the Proctors shall usually send notice of the receipt of the Appeal to the responsible academic body, the candidate's college and the candidate's supervisor.

12. Any published procedures made under these regulations shall accord with codes of practice and policies concerning equality of opportunity or treatment published by the University or by relevant government bodies for application to the higher education sector.

13. Where a Complaint or Appeal is upheld, the Proctors shall indicate what, if any, remedial steps should be taken by the responsible body. If the responsible body is unable or unwilling to act, the Proctors may refer the matter to Council.

14. The Proctors shall report annually on the number and type of Complaints and Appeals considered by the Proctors, the time taken to investigate and adjudicate each Complaint and Appeal, and, in general terms, the outcome, to:

(a) Council; and

(b) with recommendations, Education Committee.

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