Crawford Miller (Oxford–Australia) Visiting Fellowship Fund

Made by the General Purposes Committee of Council on 29 April 2010

1. The benefaction from the Bethany House Community of Faith together with any further donations for this purpose shall be known as the Crawford Miller (Oxford–Australia) Visiting Fellowship Fund.

2. The Fellowship will be open to leading Australian thinkers and scholars of any discipline, interested in pursuing enquiry into human consciousness and spirituality, and to leading scholars from the University of Oxford visiting Australia to speak at a conference and/or advance research relating to human consciousness and spirituality, but preference is to be given to the former.

3. The Fund shall be part of the permanent endowment of St Cross College. For fifty years from the date of inception, the Fund shall be used to support the costs of accommodation, subsistence, travelling and overheads for Visiting Fellows so nominated by the Crawford Miller Board of Management. After a period of fifty years, St Cross College may use the income from the Fund for general endowment purposes.

4. The administration of the Fund and the application of its capital and income shall be the responsibility of the Crawford Miller Board of Management comprising:

(1) the Master of St Cross College;

(2) a Fellow of St Cross College Governing Body elected by the Governing Body;

(3) the Chairman of the Board of the Theology Faculty of the University of Oxford;

(4) The Revd Dr Margaret Yee during her lifetime.

5. Regulation 4 may be amended by Council.

6. The Crawford Miller nameplate will remain on a college self-catering room in perpetuity.

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