Curzon Memorial Prize

Founded to commemorate Lord Curzon’s Viceroyalty of India and his Chancellorship of the University

1. The prize shall be called the ‘Curzon Memorial Prize’ and shall be offered every third year in Hilary Term for an English Essay on some aspect of Indian life or history.

2. A second prize may be offered from time to time at the discretion of the board of management which shall, when a second prize is offered, determine the relative value of the awards.

3. The value of the prize, or prizes, shall be the income of the fund after the remuneration of judges and other necessary expenses of the trust have been discharged.

4. The prize shall be open to all members of the University, whether men or women, who on the day appointed for sending in the essays shall be of not more than fifteen terms’ standing.

5. The prize shall be managed by the Board of Management for the Frere Exhibition in Indian Studies. It shall be the duty of the board to determine the subject of the essays, to give notice thereof in the University Gazette, to appoint judges, and to determine their remuneration.

6. The prize shall not be awarded a second time to the same person.

7. In the event of the prize not being awarded in any particular year an award shall be made in the next following year if a candidate of sufficient merit presents himself or herself in that year; but the next regular triennial award shall not be postponed by reason of any such special award.

8. In case no award is made in any year in consequence of there being no candidate of sufficient merit or in case of any vacancy arising from any other cause, the sums which accrue during the vacancy shall be either added to the capital of the fund or used for some other purpose consistent with the object of the trust, as the board of management shall determine.

9. This decree may be altered from time to time by Council provided that the main object of the prize shall always be kept in view.

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