Foster Bequest

1. The fund established with the bequest of the residue of the estate of the late C.A. Foster shall be known as the Cyril Foster Fund.

2. The purpose of the fund shall be the promotion of international peace and the prevention of future wars, which shall include the maintenance in the University of an annual lecture or lectures dealing with the elimination of war and the better understanding of the nations of the world.

3. The Board of the Faculty of Social Studies shall be the board of management of the fund.

4. An annual lecture or lectures on some subject relating to the elimination of war and the better understanding of the nations of the world shall be established and maintained in the University of Oxford to be called the ‘Cyril Foster Lecture’ or ‘Cyril Foster Lectures’ and the lecturer or lecturers appointed shall each be called the ‘Cyril Foster Lecturer’. At least one Cyril Foster Lecturer shall be appointed in each year by the board of management and each lecturer shall receive from the income of the fund a fee to be determined by the board of management.

5. The board of management may apply the remainder of the annual income of the bequest in any or all of the following ways:

(a) in making grants for the assistance of any members of the University who wish to travel abroad for purposes relating to their work;

(b) in making grants on the recommendation of a faculty board for the purpose of enabling foreign scholars to spend a period in Oxford, provided that in weighing the merits of applications for grants under subclauses (a) and (b) above the board shall keep in mind the purpose of the fund as stated in clause 2 above;

(c) in making such grants as they may deem necessary towards travelling or other incidental expenses incurred by the Cyril Foster Lecturer;

(d) in any other way which they shall judge conducive to the purpose of the fund.

6. Surplus income in any year may be reserved for expenditure in any future year on the purposes specified in clause 5 above.

7. Council shall have power from time to time to alter this decree provided always that the purpose of the fund, as stated in clause 2 above, shall be kept in view.

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