French Memorial Fund

1. The University accepts with gratitude from the Atherosclerosis Discussion Group the sum of approximately £1,000, to establish a fund as a memorial to the late Dr John French, formerly Reader in Experimental Pathology, the income from which shall be used to provide a lecture to be called the John French Memorial Lecture in the field of atherosclerosis or thrombosis or related problems.

2. The fund shall be administered by a board of trustees consisting of:

(1) the Chairman of the Board of the Faculty of Physiological Sciences;

(2) the Professor of Pathology;

(3) the Chairman of the Atherosclerosis Discussion Group;

(4) a person appointed by the Board of the Faculty of Physiological Sciences;

(5) a person appointed by the Atherosclerosis Discussion Group.

The trustees shall have power at their discretion to co-opt an additional trustee.

3. The lecture shall be given at such intervals as the trustees shall determine and the lecturer, who shall be elected by the trustees, shall normally be chosen from amongst scientists working in Great Britain and under the age of thirty-five who have made a notable contribution to knowledge in the field of atherosclerosis or thrombosis. The lecture shall normally be delivered in Oxford, though it may on occasion be delivered in some other academic centre in Great Britain. The lecturer shall receive an honorarium to be determined by the trustees on appointment, together with such expenses as the trustees shall determine.

4. Income not expended in any year shall be carried forward for expenditure in subsequent years.

5. Council shall have power to alter this decree from time to time, with the consent of the trustees, provided that the main object of the trust as defined in cl. 1 above is kept in view.

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