Gordon Bequest


The bequest of Walter Gordon, MA, Non-Collegiate Student, who bequeathed to the University the residue of his property subject to the payment of certain annuities upon trust that the income thereof be applied for the benefit of needy members of the University as well junior as senior, and especially to help in providing nursing medical attendance or other aid for senior members of the University who are in need, shall be administered by the Curators of the University Chest in accordance with the intentions of the Testator. By his Will dated 7 March 1928, Walter Gordon bequeathed the residue of his property to the University ‘that the income thereof may be applied for the benefit relief and assistance of needy Members of the said University as well junior as senior without distinction of Sex Race Nation Creed or Degree NOT by way of remunerative Scholarships or Exhibitions to reward and promote proficiency in learning BUT by generous and judicious relief of distress due to poverty illhealth or other trouble or misfortune not occasioned by repeated misdemeanour or persistent folly affording no reasonable hope of amendment and in particular when debt has been incurred no aid is to be given from this source in cases where advantage has been or is to be taken of the pleas of minority or lapse of time I desire to assist only such needy students as are in the main honest and honourable MOREOVER it is above all my wish to help to provide nursing medical attendance or other aid for senior Members of the University of Oxford who are in need out of health disabled or otherwise have genuine claims on compassion’.


Undergraduates Fund

1. The gift of surplus assets, amounting to about £9,000, of the Oxford University Provident Association shall be carried to a separate account called the Walter Gordon (Undergraduates) Fund.

2. Both capital and income shall be available for expenditure.

3. The fund shall be used to further the improvement or maintenance of the health of undergraduate members of the University, and, in particular (but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing) to help in providing them with nursing, medical attendance, or other aid.

4. The fund shall be administered by the Curators of the University Chest.

5. Any income remaining unspent at the end of any year may be added to the capital of the fund and invested.

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