H.W.C. Davis Fund

Amended by Council on 5 May 2005 and by the General Purposes Committee of Council on 29 April 2010

1. The H.W.C. Davis Fund shall be used for the encouragement of the study of history among student members of the University.

2. The fund shall be managed by the Board of the Faculty of History.

3. The board shall apply the income of the fund to award a prize called the ‘H.W.C. Davis Prize’ either for the purchase of books or for foreign travel or for both.

4. It shall be awarded annually by the Preliminary Examiners in History for the best performance in the Preliminary Examination in that subject.

5. Candidates must not, at the time of the examination, have exceeded three terms from their matriculation and must not be Senior Students.

6. The value of the prize shall be fixed at the discretion of the Board of the Faculty of History after allowing for the expenses of management.

7. The holder of the award shall be required to send to the Board of the Faculty of History through its chairman a list of the books purchased and places visited.

8. The board may dispose of surplus income either by making grants to one or more candidates on the recommendation of the examiners for meritorious work in the examination, or by awarding additional prizes, or by providing one or more studentships for the support of students who have been accepted by the University to read for a degree in the study of history.

9. Regulations 2–8 above may be amended by Council.

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