Head Prize for Ancient Numismatics

Amended by Decree (2) of 25 October 2001

1. The fund created by friends of Barclay Vincent Head, Hon. D.Litt., late Keeper of Coins and Medals in the British Museum, offered to the University, with a view to perpetuate his memory by the foundation of a prize for the encouragement of the study of Ancient Numismatics, shall be invested by the University, and the income arising from it shall be devoted to the maintenance of a prize to be called the Barclay Head Prize for Ancient Numismatics.

2. The prize shall be of the value of £100, and shall be awarded for a dissertation or essay, whether published or otherwise, on a subject connected with Ancient Numismatics, not later than the beginning of the fifth century A.D.

3. The prize shall be open to all members of the University who, on the day appointed for sending in the essays, shall not have exceeded twenty-one terms’ standing from matriculation.

4. The prize shall be awarded annually provided that a candidate of sufficient merit presents himself or herself.

5. The prize shall under no circumstances be awarded more than once to the same person, or more than once in any year. If the judge or judges so recommend, the prize may be divided between two candidates.

6. The management of the prize shall be entrusted to the Committee for the School of Archaeology.

7. If in any year a surplus is available either because the prize has not been awarded or for any other reason, the Committee for the School of Archaeology may either direct that the surplus be carried forward for expenditure in subsequent years, or employ the surplus, in any manner that it may think desirable, in furthering the object for which the fund has been established, namely the encouragement of the study of Ancient Numismatics by members of the University.

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