Khalili Research Fund

Made by Council, 4 December 2003

1. The benefaction of £1,581,600 from the Khalili Family Foundation (‘The Trust’), together with any further donations for this purpose, shall be known as the Khalili Research Fund (‘the Fund’).

2. The benefaction shall be recognised in the title of a new Centre, The Khalili Research Centre for the Art and Material Culture of the Middle East (‘the Centre’).

3. Of the initial benefaction of £1,581,600, the sum of £155,600 shall be spent on the salary and support costs of a computer technician in the Centre over a period after an appointment is first made to that post (which period is anticipated to be in the region of five years).

4. The University shall retain the balance of the Fund as permanent endowment; and shall apply the net income towards the provision of suitable accommodation for, and the support of, teaching and research in Islamic art and archaeology in the University.

5. The Centre shall be run as part of the Faculty of Oriental Studies, by a Director and a Management Committee appointed by and answerable to the Board of the Faculty (‘the Board’).

6. The Management Committee shall comprise the following:

(1) the Director appointed under Regulation 5 above (‘the Director’);

(2) the Keeper of Eastern Art in the Ashmolean Museum or that Keeper’s nominee;

(3), (4) two members of the Board, appointed by the Board;

(5) a person appointed by the Sub-faculty of Archaeology;

(6) a person appointed by the Modern History Board;

(7), (8) two members of the Sub-faculty of Near and Middle Eastern Studies, appointed by the Sub-faculty;

(9) a student member reading for a graduate degree related to Islamic art and archaeology, appointed by the Board; and

(10), (11) two representatives of the Trust.

7. The Board shall consult with the Trust before the appointment of each new Director, request the views of the Trust in writing, and give due consideration to any views received within a period of twenty-eight days after the making of the request.

8. In consulting with the Trust over the appointment of any candidate as Director and prior to making such an appointment, the Board shall take into account the suitability of that candidate in relation to the aims and purposes of the Centre.

9. These Regulations may be amended by Council, subject on each occasion to the written agreement of the Trust.

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