Müller Memorial Fund

Amended by the Planning and Resource Allocation Committee of Council with affect from 11 November 2016 (Gazette, Vol. 147, p. 94, 27 October 2016)

1. The fund shall be called the Max Müller Memorial Fund.

2. The income of the fund shall be applied to the promotion of learning and research in all matters relating to the history and archaeology, the languages, literatures, and religions of ancient India.

3. The administration of the income of the fund shall be entrusted to seven persons, who shall be

(1) the Vice-Chancellor;

(2) the Boden Professor of Sanskrit;

(3) Abdulaziz Saud AlBabtain Laudian Professor in Arabic;

(4) the Warden of All Souls College;

(5) one person to be nominated by the Board of the Faculty of Oriental Studies;

(6), (7) two persons to be chosen by co-optation to serve for five years.

4. All the powers of the administrators of the fund may be exercised by a majority of those present and voting at a meeting duly summoned, provided that four of the administrators at least be present.

5. If in any year the income from the fund be not wholly expended, the administrators may order that the balance so remaining shall be invested temporarily.

6. The accounts of the fund shall be audited and published in each year with the other University Accounts.

7. This decree shall be subject to alteration from time to time by Council provided that the object of the fund as defined in clause 2 above is adhered to.

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