Norton Bequest

1. The Board of the Faculty of Social Studies shall be the board of management of the bequest of the late Sara Norton, the income of which is to be used to provide an annual prize ‘to any undergraduate or student of the University for the best essay or study in the field of the political history of the United States of America’, and shall have power to appoint judges, and to fix their remuneration.

2. The prize shall be offered in Trinity Term each year for an essay upon some subject proposed by the candidate and approved by the board – the subject to fall within the field of the political history and institutions of the United States of America. Candidates shall not be precluded from submitting work which has been or will be submitted for a thesis in an Honour School or for the examination for the degree of M.Phil.

3. Candidates must be members of the University who will not have exceeded eighteen terms from matriculation by the end of the term in which the prize is awarded.

4. In any year in which the best essay submitted is considered by the judges to be not worthy of the award of the prize but nevertheless of merit, a grant may be made from the income of the bequest to the candidate in question.

5. In any year in which the prize is not awarded, the surplus income arising, after the award of any grant as provided for in clause 4 above and the remuneration of the judges, shall be made over in equal parts to the Social Studies Library and the History Faculty Library for the purchase of books in the field defined in clause 2 above, to be placed, appropriately inscribed, in the lending collections of those libraries.

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