Parsons Fund

Made by Decree (4) of 25 April 2002. Amended by the General Purposes Committee of Council on 15 October 2009 and 19 July 2013

1. The benefaction received from Dr D.S. Parsons, formerly Reader in Physiological Biochemistry and Fellow of Merton College, and any further sums which may be contributed for the same purpose, shall constitute a fund, to be called the Hester Cordelia Parsons Fund, which shall provide support for the costs of research in the experimental biological sciences, in particular to support research which applies the physical sciences in experimental bioscience, and for the support of promising experimental scientists in the development of novel experimental methods at the boundaries of physical, chemical, and biological sciences.

2. The administration of the fund, and the application of its income, shall be the responsibility of a board of management comprising:

(1) a person appointed by the General Purposes Committee of Council, who shall be the Chair;

(2), (3) two persons appointed by the Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Board;

(4), (5) two persons appointed by the Medical Sciences Board.

3. The board of management shall invite applications on a regular basis from graduate members of the University, or of any University department engaged in biological research, who have had no more than six years of postdoctoral experience at the date of application, who are engaged in research in experimental bioscience, and who wish to develop their experimental research by the development and application of new methods.

4. Potential areas of application may include, but shall not be limited to, bioengineering, the effects of extreme environmental conditions, atmospheric and oceanic interactions, the study of flight, and similar areas where the effective application of physical principles in the study of biological systems may yield new insights.

5. Grants from the funds may support:

(1) travel and subsistence costs in visiting laboratories in the United Kingdom or overseas;

(2) training courses in experimental techniques;

(3) the purchase of equipment;

(4) other relevant purposes, at the discretion of the board of management.

6. Council may amend regulations 2–6.

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