Part 3: Bampton Lectures

3.1. There shall be delivered, annually or biennially, at the Church of St Mary the Virgin, eight divinity lecture sermons, to be called the Bampton Lectures, which shall be delivered 'upon either of the following subjects: to confirm and establish the Christian Faith, and to confute all heretics and schismatics - upon the divine authority of the Holy Scriptures - upon the authority of the writings of the Primitive Fathers, as to the Faith and Practice of the Primitive Church - upon the Divinity of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ - upon the Divinity of the Holy Ghost - upon the Articles of the Christian Faith, as comprehended in the Apostles' and Nicene Creeds'.

3.2. The Bampton Lectures shall be delivered on such eight days in either or both of Hilary and Trinity Full Terms as the Vice-Chancellor may appoint.

3.3. The Bampton Lecturer shall be elected by the heads of colleges only, and proceedings for each election shall be initiated after at least six calendar months' public notice, not less than twenty-two nor more than twenty-six calendar months before the day on which the first of his or her Bampton Lectures is to be preached.

3.4. (1) The stipend of the Bampton Lecturer shall be such sum being not less than £300 as the electors shall from time to time determine; but the lecturer shall not be paid, nor be entitled to be paid, before there have been printed, within twelve months after they are preached (unless an extension of time is granted by the electors in view of special circumstances), sufficient copies of his or her lecture sermons for one copy to be given to the Chancellor of the University, one to the head of every college, society, and Permanent Private Hall, one to the Lord Mayor of the City of Oxford, and one to the Bodleian Library.

(2) The expense of printing shall be paid from the fund.

3.5. (1) No person shall be qualified to preach the Bampton Lectures unless he or she is a university graduate.

(2) The same person shall not preach the Bampton Lectures twice.

3.6. The first charge on the net income of the Bampton Fund shall be the stipend of the Bampton Lecturer, and the expense of printing the Bampton Lectures; any balance may, at the discretion of the electors to the Bampton Lecturership, be applied in one or more of the following ways:

(1) towards the payment of the travelling expenses of the lecturers;

(2) towards other costs associated with the Bampton Lectures;

(3) in the making of grants for the promotion of studies in the subjects specified in section 3.1 above.

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