Part 47: Horatio Symonds Studentship in Surgery

47.1. The main object of the bequest of Miss Anne Harrison Symonds shall be the maintenance of a postgraduate studentship in Surgery which shall be called the Horatio Symonds Studentship in Surgery.

47.2. The electors to the studentship shall be

(1) the Regius Professor of Medicine;

(2) the Nuffield Professor of Surgery;

(3) Dr Lee’s Professor of Anatomy.

47.3. Candidates for the studentship must be suitably qualified graduates who intend to reside in the University and to undertake postgraduate study in the science and art of Surgery.

47.4. The studentship shall be offered from time to time as the electors may determine (but not less often than once in any period of two years during which there is a vacancy in the studentship) and shall be awarded, unless no candidates of sufficient merit present themselves, either after examination or upon consideration of the past records of the candidates and of the programmes of work proposed by them.

47.5. The studentship shall be tenable for such period not exceeding five years, and shall be of such value, as the electors shall determine.

47.6. The electors shall have power to deprive any student of his or her studentship or of any part of the emoluments of that studentship on account of idleness, misconduct, or failure to comply with this Part.

47.7. (1) The first charge on the net annual income of the fund shall be the necessary expenses of its administration, and the payment of any examiners who may be appointed under section 47.4 above.

(2) The remainder of the income (other than any surplus income) shall be applied to the emoluments of the studentship.

47.8. Congregation may from time to time amend this Part so long as the main object of the bequest, as defined in section 47.1 above, is always kept in view.

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