Part 56: Foster Memorial Fund

Approved with effect from 11 February 2009 (Gazette, Vol. 139, p. 697, 26 February 2009)

56.1. Sums contributed by his friends in memory of the late M.B. Foster, MA, Student of Christ Church, shall form a fund (to be known as the Michael Foster Memorial Fund), the income of which shall be used, together with the annual sum generously provided by the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft, to award scholarships tenable at Oxford in any subject for up to two years by a student from the Federal Republic of Germany, selected in consultation with the German Academic Exchange Service.

56.2. The German Academic Exchange Service shall award scholarships tenable in any subject for one or more years at any university or other institution of higher learning, excluding art or music academies, in the Federal Republic of Germany by a student from Oxford recommended to the German Academic Exchange Service by a selection committee consisting of the members of the Board of Management for the Michael Foster and Michael Wills Scholarships.

56.3. For as long as students holding scholarships under clause 2 hereof are excused university fees by universities or other institutions of higher learning in the Federal Republic of Germany no university fees shall be required from students from the Federal Republic of Germany holding Michael Foster Memorial Scholarships in Oxford.

56.4. The scholarships shall be administered by the Board of Management for the Michael Foster and Michael Wills Scholarships, which shall consist of up to six permanent members, who shall be elected for a period of three years and shall be re-eligible. The board shall have the power to co-opt up to three additional members for any periods of time it shall specify, and shall have full power to do all things necessary for the administration of the scholarships and to defray its expenses out of the income of the Michael Foster Memorial Fund.

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