Part 58: John Gilbert Winant Visiting Professorship of American Government

Approved with effect from 11 May 2010 (Gazette, Vol. 140, p. 1066, 27 May 2010)

58.1. The University accepts with gratitude the moneys offered by Mr R. Winant in memory of his late father, John Gilbert Winant, and any further sums which may be contributed for the same purpose, for the provision of a John Gilbert Winant Visiting Professorship of American Government.

58.2. The professor shall lecture and give instruction in American Government, as broadly defined.

58.3. The professor shall hold the appointment in the Rothermere American Institute and shall be elected by an electoral board consisting of:

(1) the Vice-Chancellor;

(2) the Master of Balliol College, or, if the Master is unable or unwilling to act, a person appointed by the Government Body of Balliol College on the occurrence of a vacancy to act as an elector on that occasion;

(3) a person appointed by the Governing Body of Balliol College;

(4), (5) two persons appointed by Council;

(6) a person appointed by the Humanities Divisional Board;

(7) the Director of the Rothermere American Institute;

(8), (9) two persons appointed by the Social Sciences Divisional Board, one of whom shall be appointed from among the members of the Department of Politics and International Relations.

58.4. The professor shall hold office for a period not exceeding one year as the electors may determine.

58.5. The professor shall be subject to the General Provisions of the regulations concerning the duties of professors and to those Particular Provisions of the same regulations which are applicable to this chair.

58.6. Any surplus in the annual net income from the endowment after the salary and related costs of the professorship have been met shall be used, at the discretion of the director of the Rothermere American Institute, to meet the costs incurred by the professor in the furtherance of research and teaching in American Government as broadly defined. Any income not expended in any year shall be carried forward for expenditure for the same purpose in subsequent years.

58.7. Sections 58.3–6 may be amended by Council.

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