Part 9: Budget Planning Subcommittee of the Planning and Resource Allocation Committee

Made by Council on 6 May 2010

Amended on 25 June 2010, 18 November 2010 (with effect from 1 January 2011), 16 February 2012, 28 February 2014 , 21 November 2014 (Gazette, Vol. 145, p. 112-114, 6 November 2014) and 1 August 2016 (Gazette, Vol. 146, p. 692, 7 July 2016), 4 April 2019 (Gazette, Vol. 149, p.342, 21 March 2019), 27 December 2019 (Gazette, Vol. 150, p. 160, 12 December 2019), 7 August 2020 (Gazette, Vol. 150, p. 485, 23 July 2020) and 20 September 2022 (Gazette, Vol.152, p. 504, 21 July 2022)

Renumbered on 28 July 2011

9.1. The Budget Planning Subcommittee shall consist of:

(1) the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Planning and Resources), who shall be chair of the committee;

(2)–(5) the heads of each of the divisions;

(6) the Head of Gardens, Libraries, and Museums;

(7) the Registrar;

(8) the Chief Financial Officer;

(9) the Chair of the Buildings and Estates Subcommittee;

(10) one external member of the Planning and Resource Allocation Committee to be appointed by that committee; and

(11) the Chair of the Estates Bursars Committee.

9.2. The subcommittee shall be responsible to the Planning and Resource Allocation Committee for the development of proposals for multiyear planning settlements.

In particular, the subcommittee shall:

(1) establish working groups as necessary to undertake detailed work on resourcing requirements for key areas of the University’s operation, and proposals to fund them, particularly divisional contributions;

(2) provide guidance to the Services Subcommittee, Estate Investment Subgroup, and other appropriate groups, on outline planning assumptions for multi-year settlement planning;

(3) make proposals to the Planning and Resource Allocation Committee for multi-year planning settlements to ensure adequate investment in priority areas and the financial sustainability of the University;

(4) by exception and at the instruction of the Planning and Resource Allocation Committee, review and make proposals on variances to agreed multi-year planning settlements within the settlement period, in light of budgetary monitoring and other information affecting the financial sustainability of existing plans.

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