Vaughan Morgan Prizes

Amended by the General Purposes Committee of Council on 13 January 2011

1. There shall be prizes in English Literature which shall be called ‘The Violet Vaughan Morgan Prizes’ in memory of Maud Violet Caroline Vaughan Morgan.

2. The Board of the Faculty of English Language and Literature shall be the board of management of the prizes.

3. The prize shall be awarded for the best dissertation or dissertations, awarded the highest marks by the examiners for the Final Honours School in English Language and Literature in that academic year.

4. No person shall be eligible for a prize who, on the date fixed for the written examination, will have exceeded nine terms from matriculation.

5. Each prize-winner shall be presented with a bronze medal having on one side a profile of Maud Violet Caroline Vaughan Morgan and on the other side an engraved statement of the origin of the prizes.

6. All expenses incurred in connection with the award of the prizes, including the bronze medals, examiners’ fees, and expenses of administration, shall be met from the income of the fund.

7. The board of management shall, subject to the conditions specified in clauses 3, 4 and 5 above, make such regulations for the award and value of the prizes as it shall deem fit.

8. Surplus income arising from vacancies or from any other cause may at the discretion of the board of management either be invested in augmentation of the capital of the fund or be used for the award of a postgraduate studentship for the study of English Literature.

9. Council shall have power from time to time to alter this decree, provided always that the prizes shall always bear the title of ‘The Violet Vaughan Morgan Prizes’ and that the conditions specified in regulation 5 above are adhered to.

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