Walker Studentship

1. The fund shall be called the ‘Philip Walker Fund’, and shall be devoted to the furtherance of original research in Pathology.

2. The fund shall be administered by the Professor of Pathology, in conjunction with a board of managers, consisting of:

(1) the Vice-Chancellor;

(2) the Regius Professor of Medicine;

(3) the Waynflete Professor of Physiology;

(4) the Professor of Pathology.

3. The income of the fund shall be applied, as and when funds permit and the Professor of Pathology considers it appropriate, primarily for the maintenance of a studentship called the ‘Philip Walker Studentship’, the holder of which shall devote himself or herself to original research in Pathology. Any surplus income may be used to further original research in Pathology by the award of additional studentships, prizes, or grants.

4. The studentship shall be tenable for such period not exceeding five years, and shall be of such value, as the board of managers shall determine.

5. The studentship shall be awarded by the board of managers either on the recommendation of the Professor of Pathology or, if the board so desires, after the studentship has been advertised.

6. The studentship shall not be awarded by the result of a competitive examination.

7. Subject to the foregoing provision, the Professor of Pathology or the managers may take such steps as they may think fit to ascertain the qualifications of the candidates.

8. The student shall not necessarily be a member of the University of Oxford.

9. Subject to the approval of the board of managers the studentship may be held in conjunction with any other post or source of funds acceptable to the Professor of Pathology, provided that the student during his or her tenure of the studentship shall devote himself or herself to original pathological research. In any books, papers, or publications in which the student may publish the results of the investigations carried on during his or her studentship, the student shall, where practicable, describe himself or herself as the ‘Philip Walker Student’.

10. If the Professor of Pathology shall be of opinion that the student is not fulfilling and is not likely to fulfil the objects of the studentship, he or she shall report accordingly to the board of managers, which may, if it sees fit, remove the studentship from the student.

11. The place and nature of the studies of the student shall be subject to the approval of the Professor of Pathology, provided that the student shall be bound to pursue his or her studies within the University during at least three terms of his or her tenure of the studentship, unless the Professor of Pathology shall, with the approval of the board of managers, dispense with this requirement for special reasons. The Professor of Pathology shall take such steps as he or she may think necessary to satisfy himself or herself as to the diligence and progress of the student, and shall require from the student any reports or other information on the subject of his or her studies which the professor may think desirable.

12. Council shall have power at any time to alter this decree on the recommendation of the board of managers, provided always that the main object of the fund, namely the furtherance of original research in Pathology, is kept in view.

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